O'Shea Springers

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O'Shea Springers Recommended Products


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Snuggle Puppy Stuffie with Heartbeat and Heat - We cannot recommend this enough! This makes night times SOOO much easier for you and the puppy. Remember, your new puppy was used to cuddling with many of it's siblings at night. Without this, they're all alone. Money extremely well spent.

Furminator Dog Brush - An amazing dog brush that does very well at removing the lose hair that is on your dog before it falls off. Beware, it is such a good brush though that you will almost be able to clone a second dog with it! 

Kong Chew Toy - We have found Kong's to be able to stand up to the rough wear and tear that a Springer can put a toy through. We like to put peanut butter into ours. It keeps our dogs busy for hours!

Wire Crate - If there is one thing that we can recommend THE MOST it is a good strong wire crate used to train your puppy. It is essential to have when puppies are learning to be independent and also while they are house training.

Dog Bed
- Nothing makes your new puppy/dog feel more welcome than having their OWN space that they can go to. It is also a great training tool to be able to train them to 'go to your bed' when you don't want them right under your feet while you are trying to get things done! (It WILL happen!)

Dog Grooming Clippers
- We personally have this set and have found it invaluable to be able to groom our dogs. They work well with different length settings. 

Nail Clippers -
We LOVE this type of nail clipper and have had great success in using them. They are very accurate and do a good job with a nice clean cut.