O'Shea Springers

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Rouxbe - Daughter of Rayna and Remington 

Hi Nicola, just saying Hi and thanking you for everything and Rouxbe. She has been amazing. Never cried once when she left your house, never at night. Has only peed in the house 2 times. She is a very good eater. Very smart dog, she has learned a lot already. Yes , she is biting but that is what puppies do. She has been a god sent in helping my Father and I get over a very tough time. You were so right about her colouring and markings. She is beautiful. Your doing a great job raising the puppies you sell. Thank you. John

Harley - Daughter of Sophie and Remington 

"very professional and knowledgeable about their dogs and when i had some questions in regards to training they were very quick in getting back to me. our pup Harley is the sweetest dog i have ever met and we can't go anywhere without someone commenting on how beautiful she is."

Apfel -  Daughter of Sophie and Remington

"Well Bred Great Temperament and beautiful - we have a perfect puppy!"

Sasha and Reuben - puppies of Primrose and Hunter

"Nicola and Jamie go out of their way to be welcoming and accommodating! I have visited my new puppy several times since he was born and each time I have felt completely at home. It is very obvious how much love the pups receive and how knowledgeable Nicola and Jamie are! Thank you!"

Marnie - daughter of Rayna and Remington

"We picked Marnie up in the summer and she has been an amazing addition to our family! She is energetic, social and gentle with everyone she meets including our dog and cat!

When we brought Marnie to the Vet for the first time our Vet Staff were amazed how well organized the breeders were and how they went above and beyond for testings compared to some animals they see.

I recommend anyone looking for an English Springer Spaniel go see Jamie and Nicola they take fantastic care of their puppies! They are very knowledgeable and answered every question we had. Thank you both for raising such amazing dogs!"

Henry - son of Nevaeh and Hunter   And   Willow - daughter of Lily and Hunter

"We have gotten 2 Springers from Jamie and Nicola. They are the most wonderful dogs. Sweet disposition, and social. Beautiful coats and so loving. I can't wait to get another one from them in a few years!"

Bentley - son of Rayna and Remington 

"Lovely people, always welcoming you to visit the puppies as much as you can. Our Bentley is so well sociable, friendly and wonderful with our kids"

Skye - daughter of Sophie and Remington 

"I contacted Jamie and Nicola not knowing much about the English springer spaniel. They had a couple of puppies available from a litter and we were still deciding if we wanted to get a puppy! A few days later we decided and that weekend we were off to pick up our new puppy!! They are amazing breeders and very knowledgeable and kind people! We are so happy with our little Skye! They are open to questions about anything and everything! Very welcoming and lovely! Highly recommend and would purchase another puppy from them in a heartbeat! We love our baby girl! Thank you!"

Milo - Son of Rayna and Remington 

"We just got our guy Milo on July 17 and he’s now 11 weeks. The O’Shea’s are caring, loving breeders and were great to work with. We are from Thunder Bay and have a 9 year old Springer and 3 cats. Milo made the 2 day drive (18 hours with lots of stops for play and rest) and has transitioned into our family fantastically. Best addition!!💕 Highly recommend O’Shea Springers for bringing in a new family member, this is my 4th Springer since childhood."

Beau - Puppy of Emma and Hunter

"After a long search of springers and breeders, I was led to O’Shea Springers and I’m happy to report my search was a success. Nicola and Jamie run a wonderful establishment. They truly love their dogs. I was impressed to see the dogs loose around the house and couldn’t believe how organized and well behaved the dogs were. The transition from their home to mine was seamless and I’m sure it’s because the dogs are loved and well taking care of. My dog Beau is perfect he’s well socialized with other animals and people. I would recommend O’Shea Springers to anyone looking for a caring breeder and beautiful loving Springers." - Michelle Picard

Holly - Puppy of Emma and Hunter

"We are so lucky to have our beautiful girl from O'Shea Springers. Not only are we stopped constantly asking about our puppy as her markings are striking, she was so well socialized with people, especially children, which was so important to us. Our pup has such an amazing personality. Nicola and Jamie were so accomodating and you can tell how much they love their dogs. We would recommend them 100%." - The Hooper Family

Bella, Lexy, Mika - Puppy of Emma and Hunter

"5 stars just isn't enough to describe Jamie and Nicola and all of their dogs!! We first went to visit with them and the adult dogs back in July of this year and we were really impressed with everything right from the start and decided to leave a deposit on the next litter that day! Our "Bella" was born on October 5 and we were thrilled!! My sister had just moved back from Toronto and was so impressed that she decided to take another female from the same litter, then after some convincing we talked my dad into allowing my mom to have the last female from the litter - she came out with me when I first met the adult dogs and fell in love with them then too. So, we have three sisters all in the family!!! After what seemed like a long wait we finally first got to meet our pups when they were just over a week old, and lucky for us we live close enough to do that. From there, Jamie and Nicola opened up their home and hearts to allow us to all come bond with our puppies weekly - it was what we lived each week for. Finally on November 25 we picked our babies up and brought them home and they fit right in immediately. The care they give these pups in their first days is very evident the second you bring them home. They are extremely knowledgeable about the breed and were able to provide us with so much great information. These puppies spend all their first weeks with them and their children which is fantastic. We look forward to many happy years with our new addition to our family and may even consider a second one in a year and will definitely be going right back to them for one if we do. If you are looking for the perfect family dog from the perfect breeder these are the people to go to I promise you will not be disappointed!" - Cote Family

Millie - Puppy of Mindy and Mac

"Jamie and Nicola were wonderful to us when we were searching for the newest member of our family. After our initial phone call they invited us to their home to meet the pups and older dogs. They were incredibly warm and welcoming to us. We spent an hour there the first visit, getting to know them and their family, meeting the pups and learning about their history as a breeder. 

They are knowledgeable about the breed, discussed veterinary requirements and how to manage the first few nights home. They encouraged us to visit as much as we wanted until our pup was ready to go home (and we did!). Their dogs are obviously well cared for, well loved and raised in a family environment. Our wee Millie (a dream dog!) is proof of their care and attention. She is gorgeous in colouring, has a beautiful personality and is a delight to train and work with. Jamie and Nicola have stayed in touch with us and are always just a call away if we have questions. We are already discussing getting a second pup from them next year we were so impressed!"

Ozzie - Puppy of Mindy and George

"Our Springer “Ozzie” has been a wonderful addition to our family!! When we were looking for a liver and white springer spaniel, we came across “O’Shea Springers” and contacted Jamie and Nicola. With Ozzie being our first dog, we had MANY questions before and after bringing Ozzie home. Both Jamie and Nicola were so patient and welcoming to answer them all, and offered advice based on personal experience and reputable internet and book resources regarding topics such as house breaking strategies, food choices and general facts about the springer breed etc. 

We got to meet Ozzie at 11 days old and from that moment on Nicola and Jamie welcomed us into there home and into there “springer family”… they are not just “a breeder” they are genuine dog lovers who have a passion to share the gift of happiness that a dog can add to a family. They made it very clear that we were welcome anytime to come and visit Ozzie while we waited “patiently” to bring our boy home (and we certainly took them up on this). I would recommend O’Shea Springers to anyone who wishes to add a springer spaniel to there family. 

Here we are a year later and Ozzie has grown to be the happiest, most socialized dog; he adores ANY attention from ALL ages and wants to play with ANY dog he comes across, and I believe this is due to the “strong family upbringing” he had being raised amongst the O’Shea family in there home. Even the ladies at the Kennel we board Ozzie at comment about how happy a dog Ozzie is and how he is always smiling!! Thank you Jamie and Nicola!! ~The Riches Family~"

Scout- Puppy of Mindy and Mac

"Scout has been an incredible family member! She has been with us for just over two months and it feels like she has always been a member of our family. Springers are extremely active and intelligent. We began training with her within a month and it has been enormously rewarding. Scout loves to please and learn and the training has complemented her natural instincts! O'Shea Springers (Jamie and Nicola) were extremely supportive and helpful as we navigated the early days with Scout. They also provided a lot of communication during the pregnancy and when Scout was a newborn. I highly recommend them and their dogs! We love Scout so much!"

Stella - Puppy of Emma and Hunter

Our Stella was born on February 14 and we were able to pick her out from the pictures on the website. She is a liver roan. She inherited her uniquely roan markings after her dad - Hunter. 

Jamie and Nicola were very helpful in answering all of our questions and we were able to conveniently send a deposit via e-transfer. We live an hour and a half away and we were only able to visit her once. Jamie and Nicola were very accommodating and sent pictures and videos whenever we requested them. Overall, it was a pleasant experience getting our Springer from O'Shea Springers and we would certainly recommend them. 

- The Stevula family. 

Tucker - Puppy of Mindy and Hunter

Tucker is such a good boy & learning so quickly! He's very easy-going, eager to please & up for any adventure..... even though his favourite past time is being lazy & sleeping the day away, lol. He loves the water, swimming & being on the boat fishing. House and crate training were a breeze!! He loved the crate right away & slept through every night since he first came home. We also ran into another Springer in our little town, turns out she is his sister! :) another puppy of Mindy's (Millie) which is pretty cool. 

- Laurie & Tucker