O'Shea Springers

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Our Welsh Springer Spaniels

Red Jr 

Autumn Rose


Red Jr aka Red, is named after his Dad, Reddington, also Red. Red was the first addition to our Welsh breeding program and came from Shore n Cliff Welsh Springers in Alberta, Canada. He is a bundle of fun and is the most loving boy and absolutely adores Autumn. He has a fantastic personality and the right amount of energy. He loves to run and play with the other dogs and loves when he gets that one on one attention from Nicola. 


Autumn Rose, or Autumn, came to us from Utah, USA. She was worth every effort to get her here. She is THEE sweetest most loving girl. She has a beautiful gentle demeanour and is super loving and friendly. Autumn Rose is the first of our dogs to get two names - Nicola was outvoted with just wanting to name her Rose, while the rest of the family voted Autumn, so we all compromised with Autumn Rose. She truly does suit this beautiful name to the core.