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About Us

Breeding Springer Spaniels Since 2012

We work hard at raising high-quality, good-natured family pets. We got our first English Springer Spaniel in 2012 (Mindy) and we were hooked! Both Nicola and I knew that we wanted to breed ESS's right away.


Anyone that knows us will tell you that we are animal lovers! We love seeing families take one of our puppies home and make them a part of their family.

Raising Rare Welsh Springers

As we grew in experience breeding English Springers, we knew that we wanted to add a second breed. We began searching for a breed similar to English Springers that would compliment what we had built and achieved, so in turn we found the Welsh Springer Spaniel.


It took some time to find the right breeder to work with and the right blood lines to start with, but in Summer of 2020, we got our first breeding pair of Welshies and developed a partnership with Shore n Cliff Welsh Springers in Alberta. Welshies have been a great addition to our family and to our breeding program, and we are excited to be able to provide another breed as quality family members. 

Our Family

Sometimes it's difficult to know how to choose a breeder. We work hard at raising a good quality puppy for a lifelong home. Our puppies are born in our presence and are handled from birth. We pride ourselves in how well socialized our puppies are when they leave our home - we put extra effort into making sure every puppy is given one on one attention every day.

Our puppies not only receive interaction from ourselves, but they are also introduced to our Bengal cats and our pet African Grey parrot. 


We quite often receive praise and thanks for raising a quality dog. If you want any references, please feel free to message us. We would be happy to provide you with references from past Springer owners from previous litters.

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