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Pick Up & Delivery

We hear all of the time that the day  to take home your little furry bundle of joy takes forever to get here. Here are a few things for you to know to make things run a bit smoother.

Pick Up Day

What to do

1. Please get in contact with us and set up a time and day that you are going to be coming to pick him/her up.


2. The remaining balance is due in cash the day of pickup. American cash is accepted, please contact us ahead of time so we can let you know the exchange.


3. We keep our puppies until 8 weeks of age. After that “board” is $25 per day up to a maximum of 2 additional weeks (10 weeks old). NOTE: We do not recommend leaving your pup with us after 8 weeks old if at all possible, it is the best age to start housetraining your puppy. Training is much easier at that age. We are not able to house train or crate train your puppy.


4. Please bring a puppy/cat carrier to bring your puppy home with. Trust us, it's nice to have on car rides home and to the veterinarian etc. A leash/collar from the dollar store is a great idea since your puppy will grow out of it quickly.


5. We start our puppies on TLC Pet Food. We have found this to be an excellent food that matches all the needs of a growing puppy. We highly recommend that you keep your puppy on the same food that we have raised them on. Transitioning to a different home is always stressful for a puppy and they already have this to overcome, keeping them on the same food for at least a month will help with this. We used to provide a little bit of food for homes that planned on transitioning to their food but we no longer do this as leaving the puppies on the same food is so important. Please ensure that you have ordered a bag of TLC Whole Life Puppy.

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Now available

Puppy Delivery

We now offer delivery as an option. It was not possible in the past with a young family that kept us very busy. As our family gets older, we are finding that we have the time and we quite enjoy taking road trips with the family to deliver the pups. 

Our pricing: 70 cents per km as well as $25/hour of travel with a minimum of 1 hour. This is time driving, so from our home to the drop off location and back. 

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