O'Shea Springers

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These are our Springers who were with us from the beginning. They are all now retired and living their lives with their forever families.  


Mindy was our first Springer as a pet and first to breed. She was black and white but carried the tri gene to produce tri coloured puppies aswell. She was a very smart and obedient girl and was Jamie's girl. 


Emma was one of the most loving springers we ever had. She could be a little bossy at times but was super affectionate. She would bark at you to give her attention and paw at you and be right in your face. She produced gorgeous two colour puppies and roans partnered with a Roan Male. She ruled the roost and the others knew it. She was definitely Nicola's girl. 


Lily was the sweetest, calmest, most affectionate girl. She was very princess like in everything she did. She hated the dirt and bath time. She was very shy when we got her as a puppy and would follow Emma everywhere but as an adult she stood her own, even though she wasn't the alpha dog. We miss her lots!  


Hunter was our first ever boy! He was older when we got him but fit right in as a member of our family. He was a gorgeous, rare Liver Tri Roan. He had such a goofy personality and would bark at our lamps. Our greatest memory of him was when he would drink from a bucket of water - he would put his entire muzzle into the bucket and suck up the water as opposed to lapping it. When he would lift his head out of the bucket, you would be sure to get soaked. He was such a sweet affectionate boy as well. 


Primrose, aka Prim, was a beautiful, outgoing girl. Super friendly and loving. We needed some more Black Tri coloured puppies so chose to get Prim for our lines. She had such a wonderful personality and was a loving mother but wasn't good at keeping them clean. We chose to retire her early for that reason. We miss her lots as well!